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Welcome To The Family Of Short & Chamberlain

This Page May Have Answers To Some Questions You Might Have:

Who Am I?:

I am Kathleen Jennette Short Daughter of Preston Truesdall Short & Joan J. McMillan.

Granddaughter of Thomas Arthur Short & Geraldine Susan Chamberlain

What This Site Is:

These are photographs and files on family ancestry. Ranging from the 1800s to the 1990s, this site is a combination of the Short and Chamberlain Family. Each File listed here on this page has galleries attached to it and is ongoing for uploading new documentations. It has been a long and arduous process with dating and identifying who is who in this huge family with places involved, but posted here are some with those dates, faces identified and places in fact, and if new information arises places, dates, faces will have corrections thereto.

*Note: Sometimes I will write in the description space my thoughts with an * by it and signed with a "-KJS". Those are just my thoughts and wonderings.

How To Work It:

All you have to do is click yourself in with a password you get from me through an email. Then take a look around. Any that you want just click the download button. If a "shopping cart" comes into play e-mail me, it just has to be taken off by me. With so many photos and documents sometimes I miss a gallery or two. There is absolutely no charge for any Ancestry documents to the family. When you email me please tell me who you are and how you are related so I can make documentation on the family tree which is still in progress.

Why Am I Doing This?

The reality is, it is a passion of mine to really find out who the people are and what they were like when I see a photo, name, date, or document. History is a huge curiosity and this endevour has been ongoing for decades. Having known my Great Grandmother, Grandmothers, and Great Aunt it seems that I was just destined to have their marks go on.   Whether anyone appreciates this or not I love doing this. 

However, I am not alone in this....

Special thanks to my cousin Susie LaFlamme for contributing many photos and items so that quite a few pieces could be uncovered after many years of sleuthing.  That was a joy to be had to say the least.  

Travels With Tom & Gerry:

I thought I would copy all of "Tom & Gerrys" travel photos. My grandmother Geraldine took the time to date and place many of their travels together right on the back of the photo, sometimes even the front. I post them here for mere historical looks and wonders of the travels they did. She was also a great solo traveler and some photos that are posted are of her expeditions with friends.

Maybe some of you with kids can use them for history projects in school and such.  Some of the places they traveled are no longer open to foreign travelers or the country has changed completely.

Cameras, Photographs, Negatives & Slides:

As a photographer, I geek and drool all over the photos in themselves and how perfect many of the negatives and photos retained a look of near perfection after inverting them into photographs from negatives and slides. Different cameras were used such as a box camera and a "travel" fold up Kodak in the early 1900s and a Stereo Realist. It is all so amazing to have this all finally come together. If you take a good look you can actually see a couple of the cameras used in the photographs.

Thanks to the digital age we live in you are able to see and have these photos for the future.

...and here goes The Truth

Family members need to know facts because of lost items and important articles that belonged to the Chamberlain and Short lineage.  Questions have arisen so here is the historical truth. 

It is unfortunate to say that my mother Joan J. McMillan-Short administered a lawyer to sell off all of my father's inherited Chamberlain and Short estate at the last few months of her life.   Her executors ( - not a Chamberlain or a Short by any means) did so without any thought to future generations.  So if you have been in question - now you know.

Needless to say, the Chamberlain and Short name does goes on after that debacle.

Now in saying all of the above, the Chamberlains and Shorts gave us the great life we had.  They had class , they were travelers, they were giving teachers of life.  In fact my Grandmother Short volunteered at the local San Francisco hospital until she could not anymore.

I am sure there will be more stories to come but the truth is the Chamberlains and Shorts were hard working loyal people, teachers, Judges, State officials, and much more.  No, they were not perfect, but what they did to contribute to society outweighed the non-perfect.  As I post more to this site, you will see that.

Be proud Chamberlains & Shorts.

Articles will be posted as I scan them so all can be read of the wonders they all did. 



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